Admission Policy


Acceptance of the Admission Form is no guarantee of admission. Admission is not granted unless the applicant clears the admission test. Applicants are selected strictly on merit. The School has limited seats for every class. Admission to Classes II – VIII is offered only if seats are available.


An applicant for admission to Class I must be of 5-6 years of age at the time of admission. An applicant for admission to Class VI must be of 10-11 years of age at the time of admission.

Entrance Test:

The entrance test will be based on knowledge of English, Urdu, Mathematics, and Science. There is a separate section for the General Knowledge / Intelligence test. The duration of the test is 3 hours.

Age Limit:

Hamdard Public School age limit admission for the academic session 2024-2025.

PRE JUNIOR 1-Aug-19 1-Aug-20 4 TO 5
I 1-Aug-18 1-Aug-19 5 TO 6
II 1-Aug-17 1-Aug-18 6 TO 7
III 1-Aug-16 1-Aug-17 7 TO 8
IV 1-Aug-15 1-Aug-16 8 TO 9
V 1-Aug-14 1-Aug-15 9 TO 10
VI 1-Aug-13 1-Aug-14 10 TO 11
VII 1-Aug-12 1-Aug-13 11 TO 12
VIII 1-Aug-11 1-Aug-12 12 TO 13


Welcome to our Preparatory Section, dedicated to the education of children aged 3.5 years and above. Here, we focus on fostering a nurturing environment that encourages curiosity and creativity. Our qualified educators employ innovative teaching methods to lay a strong foundation for lifelong learning. Explore a vibrant learning space designed to cater to the unique needs of our youngest learners, providing them with the tools they need to embark on their educational journey.


In the Primary Section, we pride ourselves on offering exclusive attention to students in classes 1-5. Our dedicated team of educators is committed to building a solid academic foundation while nurturing the holistic development of each child. We recognize the crucial early years of education and tailor our curriculum to instill a love for learning. With a focus on interactive lessons and personalized support, we aim to empower students to become confident, critical thinkers who are well-prepared for the challenges ahead.


Prepare for excellence in our Middle and Secondary Section, designed to guide students through classes 6-10. Here, we go beyond academics to cultivate well-rounded individuals. Our experienced faculty is dedicated to providing a challenging yet supportive environment, emphasizing critical thinking, collaboration, and problem-solving skills. 


As we prepare students for the rigors of higher education, our focus remains on holistic development, ensuring they emerge not only academically proficient but also equipped with the skills necessary to thrive in an ever-changing world. Our commitment is to provide best results in Secondary School Certificates that make our students outshine.

Application Procedure

The following documents are required to be submitted alongwith the Admission Form

Birth Certificate

An attested photocopy of the Birth Certificate.



A photocopy of Form-B.



Three photographs (1 x1) with the applicant’s name at the back.


Passport Copies

Photocopies of pages 1,2 and 3 of the applicant’s passport (if applicable).


CNIC of Parents

Photocopies of the CNIC of applicant’s Parents / Guardians.


last mark sheet's copy

An attested photocopy of the last mark sheet, if applicable.


School Leaving Certificate

School Leaving Certificate at the time of admission, if applicable.

If admitted, the student’s Date of Birth and the spelling of the Name will be entered in General Register according to the admission form, which will be final. No changes will be accepted at a later stage.

Note: Incomplete form and documents will not be accepted.

Gender and Grade Wise Status Report of S.S.C Examination