Student Counseling

Professional psychologists present at the campus provide ongoing and consistent counseling and support to the entire student body at HPS. Students are encouraged to face and deal with any emotional or learning complexities throughout their academic journey at HPS.

Medical Facilities With Medical Officer

HPS provides basic medical aid to every student through a full time General Physician, who is responsible for regular health check-ups of all HPS students. Consequently. The HPS doctor also conducts and organizes awareness raising workshops, on maintaining a healthy life style, for students, faculty, staff and parents.

Libraries and Reading rooms

Students, teachers and other staff members enjoy and spend valuable time in HPS libraries, which host a treasure of reading materials. Students and teachers both avail and enjoy internet facilities during school hours.

Science Laboratories

Well equipped science laboratories promote experiential learning through application of concepts taught in class.

Computer Laboratories

Professionally updated computerized laboratories expose students to hands-on experience, hence developing high order cognitive skills in them.

Art Rooms

Purpose built Art rooms in all the sections within the HPS campus are hubs for students to explore and heighten their aesthetic as well as creative skills through various forms of painting, drawing, sculpture making and other forms of art.


Our grounds, buildings and facilities are well maintained and include

Large Multi Purpose Auditorium

Bait Al Hikmah Auditorium having the capacity of accomodating more than 200 audience provides a great space for students, faculty and guests to conduct various interactive activities, informative sessions, trainings and seminars.

Bilawal Stadium

A purpose built stadium for Football championship and several sports activities is there to cater the fitness needs of the students.


The school has a well constructed Mosque situated inside the main campus

Sports Field

Wide play areas, sports grounds,  badminton court, volleyball court and basketball court provide ample space and opportunity for students to play, practice and maintain a healthy life style. Major intra/inter school sports activities, competitions and events are also organized throughout the year to promote team spirit and drive for healthy competition.

Tuck Shop Cafeteria

The HPS Campus offers spacious, relaxing and fully hygienically maintained canteen serving a variety of food items for the students and staff of HPS.


Safe and comfortable transportation facility is provided to our students coming from various areas of Karachi. Dedicated supervisors accompany Students of Prep. Junior for secure traveling.

Security Measures

In these times of insecurity and social turbulence, HPS has taken extensive measures to make provisions for the safety of the children. Emergency staircases, detectors along with smoke alarm systems have been installed in the various buildings. Furthermore, additional fire extinguishers have been placed on each floor of the buildings.

Stand By Generators

Three efficient stand by generators provide service round the clock, to both buildings, ensuring smooth functioning at all academic and administrative levels.

CCTV Cameras

CCTV camera surveillance systems are increasingly being used in schools to maintain safety and security, allowing school and faculty staff to focus on their responsibilities and to prevent any undesirables from gaining access to the site.