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Naunehaal Assembly

In the heart of Hamdard’s mission lies a profound belief: “Today’s youth is the pioneer of our future.” This guiding principle fuels the Hamdard Naunehal Assembly, a platform dedicated to nurturing the promising buds of society, just as the great Shaheed Hakim Said Sahab envisioned. Every month, the Hamdard Naunehal Assembly comes alive with purpose, and in September 2023, it took center stage at the historic Mazar-e-Quaid, under the watchful eye of the esteemed Mrs. Sadia Rashid. September, known as the month of Pakistan’s defense, set the tone for this gathering, with the theme “Difaye Watan, Baqaye Watan” (Defense of the Nation, Preservation of the Nation). As the sun painted the sky on that memorable day, Mrs. Sadia Rashid, President Hamdard Foundation, arrived with distinguished guests, including Dr. Sarosh Hashmi Lodhi, ( the Chief Guest) Vice Chancellor of NED University, and Guest of Honour Mr.Abdul Aleem Sheikh, Resident Engineer Secretary of Quaid-e-Azam Mazar Management Board. The stage was set for a day of inspiration and unity. Dr. Sana Ghouri ushered in the proceedings with a warm welcome address, invoking the blessings of Allah. The soul-stirring recitation of Quranic verses by Affan of Rose House Grammar School filled the air with reverence. Noor Fatima from Ida Rieu College graced the assembly with a heartfelt naat-e-pak, followed by a chorus of national songs by the talented students of Ida Rieu College, entertaining all with their patriotic fervor. With the energy of the gathering soaring, Mrs. Sadia Rashid extended a gracious welcome to the honored guests. The microphone then passed into the capable hands of Mohammad Mubeen Mughal, the Assembly’s Speaker. With the blessing of Mrs. Sadia Rashid, he initiated the formal proceedings of the assembly. Speaker Hassan Bin Arsalan and Opposition Leader Nabiha Jamal shared their insightful perspectives on the theme. The true firebrand of the day emerged as debaters took the stage, igniting passions with their patriotic speeches. Fizza Siddiqui of Savvy School, Ali Sher of Quaid-e-Azam Rangers School, Laraib Khalid of Oasis Public School, Aleeza Urooj of Akbar Public School, Fatima of FA School, and Bisma Abdul Ghani of Hamdard Village School left an indelible mark with their heartfelt words. The festivities continued with a melodious national song by KVTC School and a captivating tableau performance by Aasif Ilyas and his talented friends, weaving a tapestry of emotions and patriotism. In keeping with tradition, the children of Hamdard Public School and Hamdard Village School closed the event with a heartfelt Dua-e-Said. As a token of appreciation, the young participants were presented with gifts, including lunch boxes, Naunehal Hamdard Sehat, and Naunehal toothpaste, leaving them with cherished memories of a day dedicated to the youth, who truly are the pioneers of Pakistan’s future.

Book Fair

A habit of reading builds our knowledge and contributes to intelligence. A book allows readers to travel without using their feet. A book introduces its reader to a world of imagination, provides knowledge to the outside world, improves reading, writing, and speaking skills as well as boosts memory and intelligence.

Books are uniquely portable magic Stephen King
In a post-pandemic and increasingly digital world, book fairs offer tables and shelves overflowing with books. Book fairs give children motivation to read by offering them a wide selection of books to choose from that they can look at before they decide to buy. They give you the chance to instill a love of reading that lasts a lifetime.
Teachers foster literacy every day, in their classrooms. They must develop students who are not only skilled and competent readers but are inquisitive and habitual learners. The excitement and wonder that surrounds book fairs is an excellent tool for reinforcing this.
September 06 2023 surely was a memorable day for HPS students as on that day they witnessed their experience of a campus book fair. The book fair was organized by Children’s Book Publications. They established their setup in the assembly area of Junior Wing. Students accompanied by their class teachers and sports teachers visited there. They were delighted and every one of them wanted to buy the piece of his/her choice. There were story books, coloring books, word searches, puzzles, religious books, attractive stationery items, and much more for little champs. For senior grades, they had literature, novels, and autobiographies. Students were informed before so they bought enough money to buy the items of their own choice.
This proves that despite of present-day digitalized system we still have the emotions for paper which can be more powered by the young generation by conducting such significant events nationwide.
Book fair 2023 at a glance!

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