Junior October

Teacher's Day

On 5th October 2022. ‘Teachers’ Day’ was celebrated in junior section with great zeal, zest, and enthusiasm. Students drew and designed creative greeting cards in appreciation of their teachers, using various accessories they had with them. in Area IV and V, students surprised their teachers by decorating the Boards with slogans and greetings and cheering their teachers when they entered the classrooms. Later, all the creative efforts of the students were put on display in every Area.


Primary Section conducted an invigorating and engrossing Election for the selection of Captains and Vice Captains of the four Houses. An energetic campaign was conducted by each Howe for two consecutive days. Participating candidates introduced themselves & their allotted symbols, amidst loud cheering and hooting. The whole Block resounded with cheers as everyone supported their respective House. The students were overjoyed to see their teachers cheering for them. On Thursday, 13th October 2022, every student as well as staff memberA cast their votes in favor of their chosen candidates. Th/e`t I voting process was capably and efficiently monitorea┬░ ti by 311 the teachers. It was a great and memorable event


2022 Sarah Jamal of class 11 participated in The Aster School All Pakistan Gymnastics Championship 2022. She represented Hamdard Public School in the Under 10 (girls) category in which 33 schools from all over Karachi participated and secured a silver medal.

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