HPS March


  • Naunehal Assembly
  • 24th Remembrance Day
  • Prize Distribution Ceremony of 31st Annual Eid Card Competition
  • Workshop attended by English Teachers at Oxford University Press Office
  • Excursion to Buzzing Bees (Junior Section)
  • Excursion to Super Space (Junior Section)
  • Students’ Visit at Masjid Abu Hussein (Junior Section)
  • Spelling Competition (Middle Section)
  • Poem Elocution Competition (Middle Section)
  • Story Telling Competition (Middle Section)
  • Youm-E-Kabul Islam (Secondary Section)
  • Achievement in ICAT International Linguistics Contest (Secondary Section)


Women’s Day (IWD) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. It’s a day when everyone shows appreciation, love, and respect toward women. It was a great initiative taken by Hamdard Foundation Waqf Pakistan to organize a Grand Sports Women Carnival to celebrate the beauty, grace, courage, and strength of women in society. It was celebrated on Tuesday, the 7th of March, 2023 at Bilawal Stadium, HPS.

Teams from Hamdard Laboratories (Wage) Pakistan, Hamdard University Staff Hamdard University Students and Hamdard Public School participated in different activities including friendly cricket matches, badminton, balloon shooting, arm wrestling, tug of war, carom, ludo, dart game and volleyball. The Carnival was graced by the presence of Honorable Chancellor, Hamdard University and President, Hamdard Foundation Pakistan, Mrs. Sadia Rashid as the Chief Guest along with Prof. Dr. Ahsana Dar, Dean — Faculty of Eastern Medicine, Hamdard University, Prof. Dr. Shamim Akhtar, Dean — Faculty of Pharmacy and Prof. Malahat Kaleem Sherwani — Director Bait al-Hikmah Library. The Cricket tournament was won by the team of Hamdard University Students, while Hamdard Public School & College Main Campus stood runner up. “Feminism is not making women strong. Women are already strong. It is about changing the way the world perceives that strength.”

These words of G D Anderson were proven by HPS team where no one was a regular player. Having a few hours practice and team spirit, they gave the tough time to their opponents, and won the runner up trophy. The female staff of HPS, HVS, Hamdard Foundation, and students of Hamdard University enjoyed the day to fullest with a delicious lunch and high tea. The event was a great way to promote healthy living by encouraging women to make a difference on IWD and beyond.


As the people around the world await the joyous festival of Eid-ul-Fitr, the students of HPS & HVS soaked themselves in the spirit of festivities by participating in the Eid card competition on Feb 20th and 21st. The students from grades I-X were delighted to design cards for their friends and families. They came prepared with unique ideas and the required material to create beautiful cards. Then prize distribution ceremony of 31st Eid Card Competition was organized by Hamdard Public School & Hamdard Village School at Bait ul Hikmah Auditorium on 9th of March. The chief guest for the day was Mrs. Durrya Kazi, a renowned visual artist, painter and sculptor along with President Hamdard Foundation, Madam Sadia Rashid and other dignitaries. There were two judges named Mr. Ghalib Bakar and Mr. Zafar Mehmood. Both of them are the finest water colorist of Pakistan. Recitation of few verses of Holy Quran was done by Ahmed Mansoor Clsss 3C of HVS. Naat e Rasool Maqbool SAWW was recited by Ayesha Ghaury VII C HPS. Welcome address was given by Madam Fariha Raza, Headmistress Junior Section. After prize distribution, souvenirs were given to the chief guest and judges. And program ended with the vote of thanks by Madam Nabeela Maheen, Headmistress Middle Section.


As per custom, this month’s ‘Naunehal Assembly’ was conducted on Thursday, 16th of March, 2023 at Bait al-Hikmah Auditorium, Hamdard University. As soon as the Chief Guest, Mrs Stella Jaffery accompanied by President Hamdard Foundation, Mrs Sadia Rashid, entered the Auditorium, Dr. Sana Ghauri welcomed them and the audience for gracing the occasion and handed over the mic to the Speaker of the Assembly to start the day’s proceedings. The Speaker invited a student from a guest schools for the recitation of Holy Quran. Than another guest school participant recited a melodious Naar. The Speaker than invited Madam President, Mrs. Sadia Rashid, to introduce the day’s topic of discussion. Madam President introduced the topic ‘Health For All’ – ‘Sehat Sab Kay Leeay’, as the topic of discussion. She pointed out that every year Hamdard Foundation in collaboration with World Health Organization organizes a ‘Health Conference’. After her address, the Speaker invited the Leader of the House and Opposition Leader of the House to deliver their views. The Speaker as well as the two House Leaders are students of Middle Section of HPS. Both the House Leaders delivered their point of views enthusiastically. The Speaker than invited the other speakers to deliver their speeches. Three speakers from various guest schools expressed their views elaborately. One speech was delivered by a student of HVS, Raheela Rasool in Urdu, one by a student of Middle Section of HPS, Sehrish Ashar in English and one by Aizah Arsalan of Junior Section of HPS in English. After the speeches, the Speaker invited the Chief Guest, Mrs.Stella Jaffery, to address the audience. Her address was very entertaining as she narrated some real life incidents with our founder,Shaheed Hakim Said. She was very delighted to be here as Chief Guest and thanked Madam President effusively. As per custom, the closing tableau session was announced. This year students of Junior Section HPS performed a poetical dialogue tableau in English tided ‘House Of Health’. This was the first time an English tableau was included in Naunehal Assembly and the performance, get-up and stage setting was much applauded and appreciated by all -especially the Chief Guest and President Hamdard Foundation. Dr.Sana Ghauri concluded the day’s session with customary shield distribution and photography session with all participants. While departing from the venue, everyone received snack boxes along with Rooh Afza milk and editions of Hamdard Sehat and Hamdard Naunehal.


In an endeavor to keep the staff updated to the effective methods and ideas which they can implement in their teaching, Hamdard Public School encourages the teachers to attend the workshops. Two English teachers from Junior section and two from Middle section attended the workshop on Saturday 18th March, 2023 organized by Oxford University Press. The workshop was conducted by Neda Muji. The workshop greatly helped in understanding of mindfulness and how it can be used and taught to develop students’ self-management skills. She focused on sharpening the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing in a learner centered classroom. The activities focused on vocabulary enhancement, sentence structure, phonetics and parts of speech. The workshop was very informative and interesting. In the end certificates were awarded to the participants.

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