Middle March


It was a great Wednesday morning and the students were looking enthusiastic with lots of knowledge to deliver. As religion always comes first, the spelling competition began with the recitation of Holy Qur’an. In addition, one student recited Naat-e-Rasool e Maqbool (SAW). 

To begin with, the selection of students was divided into four rounds. In round one, simple and single words were asked to each of the teammate (all 16 contestants). In addition, round two was based on a bit intermediate words from the respective book. Round three was a bit harder as it was comprised of silent words (eg: laugh). In last round, the students were asked compound words (eg: Extravagant life).

 The competition began and the students were sent out from their classes, arranged in a sequence manner and the participants were arranged on the stage to showcase their skills and abilities. The competition was carried out by the respective host teacher. The principal visited afterwards. She was delighted to see young lads had it all that day. All the participants did well but as per convention, there must be an only winner so the winner was Class 6D. The students moved back to their classes along with their respective teachers after first half. And the second half was dedicated to girls. So as per convention, Class 6C was the winner. 

Last but not the least, students were encouraged and gained confidence through this competition. They were hoping that such competitions should be held in future. Not only the students, the teachers also enjoyed. It was surely a day to remember!


Poem Elocution is a literary work where ideas and feelings, accentuated with the use of distinctive style and rhythm is delivered through a public speaking activity with a focus on rhythm, alliteration and some repetition. This competition took place on 2nd March 2023 in Hamdard Public School Middle section, for the students of class 7. Initially, the competition was held in class level and four contestants were selected from each section, three of girls and four of boys respectively. 

On the day of final competition first half was dedicated for boys. Each participant presented his poem proficiently. The students who secured positions are; Abdul Rafay 1st position from VII-D, Ali Naqi 2nd position from VII-G and lastly Sharim 3rd position from class VII-F. During second half, we had girls’ competition. Every participant presented her poem outstandingly. The student who acquired 1st position was Syeda Maryam Fatima from class VII-C, Fazeela Alam from class VII-C got 2nd position and 3rd position was secured by two girls Wania from VII-C and Nabiha jamal from VII-B. 

The results of both boys and girls competition was finalized by our team of expert judges which comprised of Ms Humera Saeed and Ms Seema Shahid.


 Story telling competition can provide teachers details of what their pupils have learned and achieved during English class. This competition was held on 6th March 2023 in Hamdard Public School, Middle Section and the students of class VIII participated in it. We have 7 sections of class VIII. First, we held inter class competition among all sections so we got seven groups out of seven classes. All the students participated warmly in this competition and learned a lot. We have three sections of girls and four sections of boys. Then, we decided to hold their grand finale on 6th March 2023. In this regard, we held the competition of boys in the first half and the boys were very excited and participated actively and the wining group was VIII-F and in the second half we held the girls competition and they were also very excited and the winner of girls was VIII-A .The judges for this competition were Miss Humaira Saeed and Miss Wajeeha Azam. The names of winning participants are: 


1. Sehrish Ashar

2. Sabiqa Lodhi

3. Ebana Naeem

4. Naveera Sadaf

5. Harmain Irshad

6. Rameen Mughal


1. Muhqammad Rafay Farhan

2. Salar Siddiqui

3. Maaz All

4. S.M Askari

5. Hammad Khan

6. AyanKhurram

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