HPS November


  • Parent Teacher Meeting
  •  November 2022’s Hamdard Naunehal Assembly
  • Teachers’ Training Session
  • Guests Visit at Hamdard Public School and Hamdad Village School
  • lqbal Day (Junior, Middle and Secondary Section)
  • Ashra -e- lqbal (Junior Section)
  • Activity of Five Senses (Junior Section)
  • International Kangaroo Lingusitics Competition (Junior Section)
  •  Achievement in Sports Gala Organized by Habib Girls’ School (Junior Section)
  • Workshop on Formation of Urdu Alphabets (Junior Section)
  • Inter Recital Contest (Middle Section)
  • Participation in Sports Gala (Middle Section)
  • Eid Milad un Nabi (SAWW) (Middle Section)
  • House Election Boys and Girls (Middle Section)
  • First Annual Training of Students (Middle Section)
  • Students Week Preparation (Secondary Section)


The Parent-Teacher Meeting is one of the important activities of any school. It is a great opportunity for both the teacher and the parent to work for the betterment of the child. Hamdard Public School conducted the Parent-Teacher Meeting of the session 2022-23 on 1st November 2022 in order to discuss the child’s progress academically, socially and with regard to the expected classroom behavior. As face to face communication with the teachers immensely helps the parents to plan out the learning process of their child. Mid-Term Examination Time-Table and oral schedule were also handed over to the parents.

Most of the parents attended the meeting to identify their child’s strengths and weaknesses. They met the class teacher along with all the concerned teachers. A Parent Teacher Meeting is an effective and great platform for the teachers and the parents as they both share their insights and helps to know the two sides of the students’ strong and weak points. And it results in the positive modification of the students’ academic and non-academic performance. Hamdard Public School always conducts Parent Teacher Meeting as it is necessary for the early years when a child’s learning and development are most critical and through which teachers can spot potential issues early on before they escalate into bigger problems.


As per monthly custom, Hamdard Naunehal Assembly was organized this month on 10th November 2022, at the Bait-ul-Hikmah Auditorium, Madina-tul-Hikmah, at 10:30 a.m. As November marks the Birth Anniversary of Allama Iqbal, the topic of the day was based on one of Iqbal’s beautiful piece of poetry.

Mera tareeq ameeri nahi fageeri hai,

Kiniddi na baich gareebi mai imam paida kar

As soon as the President of Hamdard Foundation, Mrs Sadia Rashid along with the Chief Guest, Mr Arshad Mehmood, Executive Vice President of Pak Qatar General Takaful Limited, and other guests reached the venue, the proceedings of the Assembly were started by a Welcome Address by Ms Sana Ghori. Mrs Sadia Rashid declared the day open by explaining the topic of the day to all. Speaker Ms Sehrish Ashar began the session by inviting the participants on stage. All the participants delivered their speeches with great confidence, style and manner, leaving the audience spell bound and received a lot of applaud. After the rendering of speeches, the audience were mesmerized by a beautiful recital of Kalaam-e-Iqbal and a colourful tableau performance by P.N.G School. An invigorating, absorbing and thought provoking speech was delivered by the Chief Guest, Mr. Arshad Mehmood, which was worth listening and a great source of learning for the students as well as teachers present there. Mrs Sadia Rashid presented a bouquet to the Chief Guest, shields and certificates were awarded to the participants and the grand Assembly ended with the recital of Dua-e-Said.


On Monday, 7th November, 2022, an invigorating Teachers Training Session was organized by the management of Hamdard Public School. The conductor, Ms. Mahwash Syed, is an Entrepreneur, an International Speaker, a Communication and Leadership Coach, a Corporate Trainer and an emerging Social Activist. She conducted a ninety minutes inter-active session on Teaching strategies for the academic staff of Hamdard Public School in the Assembly Hall of Secondary Section. As ice breaker, an activity was conducted involving every participant. Divided into groups, every participant had to read aloud strengths and weaknesses of each other- discussed prior to the reading session. Through this activity participants became aware of some common strengths and weaknesses amongst them. Ms.Mahwash discussed ways of overcoming the weaknesses. Later through a Power Point Slide Presentation, she explained the teachers the various teaching strategies and ways to enhance and implement these strategies in their teaching methodologies. They learnt some new techniques of classroom management, class control and how to improve behavior and moral ethic of students. Such type of motivational sessions help the teachers to enhance, groom and polish themselves.


 On 30th November,2022, a team of students and teachers of the Waris Gul Educational Lyceum, Tharu Shah, District Naushero Feroz, visited Hamdard Public School and Hamdard Village School. The team was very impressed with the infrastructure, buildings, library and cleanliness of the institutions. They were briefed about the pedagogies and methodologies being used by the teachers to upgrade, uplift and enhance students learning. They were also briefed how students were motivated to become confident leaders by deputing them responsibilities on merit basis as Prefects, Deputy Head Boy/Girl and Head Boy/ Head Girl in the Middle and Senior Section. In Junior Section, polling and elections are conducted for electing Vice Captains and Captains of the four Houses and students cast their votes. This visit gave the team an opportunity to see how well the vast institution is managed by the administration.

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