• 25th Shahadat Anniversary
  • Seerat Conference
  • Parents Teachers Meeting
  • Seerat un Nabi Sessions
  • Teachers’ Day
  • Plantation Activity
  • House Elections
  • Oath Taking Ceremony
  • Black Day to Express Solidarity with Kashmiris
  • Commencement of Yoga & Taekwondo
  • Science Exhibition
  • English Debate Competition
  • Exhibition of Biology Projects
  • Celebration of Student Council’s Victory
  • Solidarity with Palestine
  • Mehfil e Milaad
  • Participation in 7th Abdul Sattar Edhi Sports Festival

25th Youm-e- Shahadat of Shaheed Hakim Muhammed Said

The students of Hamdard Public School know the importance of the month of October, as the founder of the institution was laid to rest in the courtyard of Madinat-al-Hikmah, the city of Education, Science and Culture. Our beloved founder Shaheed Hakim Muhammed Said was martyred on 17th October 1998. Years have not filled up this big loss and this year too , we remembered him on his 25th death anniversary with great respect and grief. The day started with Fateha Khawani at the mausoleum of Shaheed e Pakistan, Hakim Muhammed Said Sahab which was attended by his daughter Mrs. Sadia Rashid, , his grand daughter Mrs. Fatema Munir Ahmed , Vice Chancellor Hamdard University, Dr. Syed Shabib ul Hasan, Admiminstrator Hamdard Public & Village Schools Dr. Khalid Naseem , teachers of Hamdard Public School, Hamdard Village, Hamdard University and students.

Seerat Conference

On Wednesday, 18th October 2023, “Seerat Un Nabi Conference” was organized as monthly Naunehal Assembly session, at Behria Tower, Tariq Road, Karachi.
Nabiha Jamal, a student of Hamdard Public School, took charge of conduction. Aitazaz Hussain, a student of “The Graceful Grammar Academy” started the proceedings of the day with Quranic Recital. Than Umair Bin Yousuf from Hamdard Foundation Pakistan, mesmerized the audience with a poignant Hamd Recital.
Eloquent young speakers- Arfa Noor Zubair from Hamdard Public School, Bibi Ayesha Khan from St. Joseph Convent School, Ayesha Wark from The Envea School and Fiza Siddiqua from Rose House Grammar School, delivered their emotional, appreciative and commendable views based on Our Holy Prophet, Hazrat Muhammad (SAW), in exemplary manner and style.
Yusra Asif from Hamdard Village School, Rao Aayan,Ishaal Ismail and companions from Falcon House Grammar School, Campus I, Rabia Hanif from G.C.T Hilal School Mian Aftab Campus, Abdul Samad from The Talent Academy and Mustafa Jumani and companions from Karachi Vocational Training Center, presented melodious Naat Recitals.

The Chief Guest, Mr. Raid Afzal, an Education Expert, delivered his speech. The customary “Rasm-e-Bismillah” ceremony was conducted for two tiny tots- Syeda Malaika Arsalan and Shanzay Hasan Khan. The honourable Chief Guest, Mr Raid Afzal along with the President Hamdard Foundation, Mrs Sadia Rashid, helped the little ones to read the “Bismillah” with confidence. To wind up the session, Qari Hamid Mehmood Qadri, recited poignant Naat verses and conducted the Dua. All the participants received their gifts and participation shields were awarded to participating schools. The session ended with distribution of sweets amongst the audience.

Parents-Teacher Meeting

Parents-Teacher Meetings (PTMs) are a crucial component of the educational system, serving as a bridge between parents and teachers to support students’ academic and personal development. These meetings provide an opportunity for both parties to collaborate, discuss a child’s progress, address concerns, and set goals for the future. Parents Teachers Meeting was held at Hamdard Public School on 31st October 2023. In the context of PTM, it’s noteworthy to mention that all the areas of the school were beautifully decorated. This transformation was not a last-minute effort; rather, it involved meticulous planning and creativity from the teachers for almost two weeks. The vibrant decorations added a festive touch to the atmosphere, making parents and students feel welcomed and appreciated. The Administrator of Hamdard Public School, Dr.Khalid Nasim also appreciated the efforts of the teachers. The meeting commenced on a friendly note with warm greetings and introductions. Parents eagerly shared their thoughts, concerns, and expectations concerning their child’s educational journey and personal growth. The teachers, fully engaged and attentive, actively listened to the parents’ insights, making notes as they embarked on a constructive dialogue. At Hamdard Public School, our dedication to nurturing young minds is unwavering. The Parent-Teacher Meetings, an integral part of our educational process, exemplify our commitment to providing the best possible foundation for every child’s learning and development. These meetings are instrumental in identifying and addressing potential issues at an early stage, ensuring that they do not evolve into more significant challenges. We believe that by working hand in hand with parents, we can collectively create a brighter and promising future for our students. The collaboration between parents and teachers serves as a cornerstone for success in our educational journey.

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