Secondary September

International Sign Language Day

“Sign language is not just a way to communicate; it’s a bridge that connects hearts and transcends barriers, ensuring that every voice is heard and understood.” In a heartwarming celebration of diversity and inclusion, students at Hamdard Public School Senior Section came together to mark International Sign Language Day. This special day, observed annually on September 23rd, emphasizes the importance of sign languages in promoting the rights of deaf individuals and fostering understanding across linguistic barriers. The day commenced with an inspiring assembly where students and teachers gathered to honor the significance of sign language. The students paid tribute by performing ‘National Anthem’ entirely in sign language. The sight of our students, their hands gracefully expressing the lyrics, left an unforgettable impression on all who witnessed it. It served as an emotional reminder that communication exceeds auditory boundaries. The Hamdard Public School’s International Sign Language Day was a great success, restating the notion that language is not only spoken, but also signed, allowing all voices to be heard and understood.

Election Campaign for Elite League

“In the ballot box of a school election, every vote is a voice, every voice is a choice, and every choice is a step toward a brighter tomorrow.” Hamdard Public School on 6th September, 2023 held an election campaign in Block III for the roles of Elite League. This event was not just about leadership but also about giving students a voice in shaping their school’s future. The entire Block III had witnessed the candidates showcasing their visions, sharing their plans for improving the school, and demonstrating their leadership qualities. Campaign posters adorned the hallways, and spirited speeches echoed in the assembly ground. It was a time when the student body came alive with energy and enthusiasm. This election was not just about winning titles; it was about fostering responsible leadership. The process promoted unity, teamwork, and a shared commitment to making our school the best it could be. As students casted their votes, they understood the importance of their role in selecting the individuals. It was a true celebration of student empowerment, and it highlighted the democratic spirit that thrived within our school’s walls.

The Oath-Taking Ceremony: A Pinnacle of Integrity for the Elite League

“Leadership is not about being in charge. It is about taking care of those in your charge.” In Hamdard Public School Senior Section, on 26 September, 2023, the culmination of a rigorous selection process and a transparent election campaign converged into a momentous event. This occasion symbolized the epitome of integrity, responsibility, and commitment that our school valued. The members of the elite league who had been chosen after a thorough review process and an open election came to affirm their unshakeable commitment to their positions. They proudly swore to serve the student body and the institution with the utmost sincerity, their heads held high and their hearts brimming with joy. They vowed to defend the ideals of justice, diversity, and greatness by taking this oath. The air was packed with expectation, solidarity, and a sense of purpose as they recited their oaths. In the end, the Oath-Taking Ceremony was not just a ritual; it was a testament to the enduring values of our school and a promise that the future was in capable hands. It was a celebration of the power of democracy, transparency, and meritocracy in shaping tomorrow’s leaders.


“Food is the moral right of all who are born into this world.” Food Shortage Day was commemorated with great enthusiasm at Hamdard Public School senior section on 26 September, 2026 through a thought-provoking skit that highlighted the global issue of hunger. Students, with remarkable dedication, portrayed the harsh realities faced by communities suffering from food scarcity. It shed light on the alarming statistics of hunger-related deaths and the urgent need for collective action. This event served as an eye-opener, urging everyone to appreciate the value of food and the privilege of having access to it. It encouraged students to be more conscious consumers and compassionate global citizens. Food Shortage Day was a reminder that together, we can make a difference in the fight against hunger.

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