Junior December


2022 A vibrant, energetic, fun-filled, nail-biting and exuberant three day Sports Meet was organized by the Junior Section from 5th to 7th December, 2022. Bilawal Stadium resounded with excited cheers throughout the three days.

DAY 01

Our Administrator, Dr. Khalid Naseem along with Ms.Hafsa, Deputy Manager Administrative Services graced the day with their presence as Chief Guests, and were escorted in the stadium by the Headmistress and her Team with great respect and honour. Some dignitaries from different Administrative departments also took out time to attend the event. A colourful March Past preceded the opening proceedings comprised of the teams of football and throw ball, after Sir Khalid declared the Sports Meet open. Tiny tots of Preparatory Junior Section performed a melodious and colourful act and were much applauded. Then it was time for the opening kick-off by the Chief Guests. Three football and three throwball matches were played and winning houses for both games were decided.

DAY 02

On the second day, the first half of athletic events of class IV and V. Students of Class III performed a colourful and rthymic Drill Display. Later in the second half, athletic events of Class I, II and III were conducted. To motivate the students, teachers’ races were also conducted.

DAY 03

On the third and final day of the Meet, a combined session for all the classes I to V was conducted where the remaining planned athletic events took place. Ms. Hafsa, Ms.Hamna and Ms.Noureen from the Administrative departments thoroughly enjoyed the day and participated in the teachers races much to the delight of all the students. Finally, it was time for the announcement of the Winner House. The House Teachers tabulated the total points of each House. Amidst loud cheering, the Winner House, Razi received the First position trophy. Throughout the Sports Meet, a lively team of announcers, some of our teachers, kept the field alive with their prompt, witty, jovial, motivating and entertaining comments. The whole meet was expertly organized and monitored by our two efficient and dedicated sports teachers along with our senior Art coordinator as well as team work and coordination of all the teachers and hence the whole event was a great success. Such activities play a vital role in the development of our young students.


On Thursday 15th December, 2022, an interesting magic show was organized at Bilawal Stadium” in Hamdard Public School by the team of Dolmen Mall. Magic is an art that is performed to entertain the spectators by the usage of seemingly impossible feats conducted by the use of tricks, illusions and also sleight of hands which needs a lot of practice. Classes from Prep Junior to V congregated at the stadium sharp at 10: 30 am. At first, the entertainer of the program introduced the configuration of the whole show, then he engaged students in different activities such as recitation of the poems, exercising the body and telling jokes etc. He also launched a puppet as “snow man” which made the spectators burst into loud cheers. Finally the most awaited magician set foot in the ground, dressed up like a vampire with a conical hat. Everyone was filled with curiosity as for some of them, this was the first experience. The magician first exhibited small tricks. All the students as well as teachers equally with bated breath waited for more to come. The magician performed several tricks which were unbelievable. All the time he kept the boisterous students spell bound with his tricks. He made things disappear in the air and brought them out of his pocket. He transformed a pigeon into a rabbit, and turned different sticks into umbrellas. Even though he called out a girl from the audience as helper, handed over a rope to put in a small bag which was turned into a snake.

Everybody was so amused with his tricks and no one even realized how one hour had passed. Everyone praised and admired the performance of the magician. At last students got booklets about the “Dolmen shopping Festival” namely Food, Play, Fun starting from 17th December- 8th January. After the program all the students along with teachers came back joyfully towards classes.


The present system of education has witnessed a gradual acceptance of co-curricular activities as a part of main curriculum. So, when our school management announced to celebrate “Winter Gala” the announcement was received with an enthusiastic and supportive round of applause by all teachers and students. The entire building was decorated brilliantly with balloons, banners, welcoming notes, snow man, snowflakes and many more. The most important part of fest was mouth-watering food which was prepared by the students under the supervision of teachers like hot soup, fruit salad, sandwiches, fresh juices and so on. Students enjoyed their food and played many indoor games. The day ended with full of joy and happiness. These rests are not for just about an entertainment and enjoyment but also about inculcating social values and developing responsibilities in students.

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