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  • November 2022’s Hamdard Naunehal Assembly
  • Naunehal Assembly, December (HPS & HVS)
  • Naunehal Assembly, December (HPS & HVS)
  • Sports Meet 2022 (Junior Section)
  • Magic Show (Junior Section)
  • Winter Activity (Junior Section)
  • Inter House Sports Gala (Middle Section)
  • Parent Teacher Meeting (Secondary Section)
  • Human Rights Day (Secondary Section)
  • Annual Picnic Day (Secondary Section)
  • Football Match (Secondary Section)
  • Throw ball Girls Tournament (Secondary Section)


On 12th December, at Assembly Hall, Block-III, a session on “Human Rights Awareness” was organized, Barrister. Rida Tahir presided as a speaker who holds a remarkable position for a long time because of her efforts in England as well as in Pakistan. The session was not only concerned with the women who are still being considered a minor part of the society but also subjected to oppress and harassed economically, socially, psychologically, physically and so on. Poor teenagers are caught by buggers to satisfy their lust including boys and girls. Because of Barrister. Rida’s effort, act against teenage sexual harassment was constituted. She also discussed how to report against any abuse to police. Lastly, she apprised that what initiatives our government has taken to overcome these violence throughout Pakistan.


2022 It is a tradition of Hamdard to organize Naunehal Assembly every month. In the current month it was held on 13th December 2022. It was unique in terms of its subject matter. December is the month of Quaid-e-Azam. The importance of time and its correct use has been emphasized by both Quaid-e-Azam and Quaid-e-Naunehal Hakeem Muhammed Said. On the other hand, the use of internet has become a necessity for today’s youth and its use is increasing day by day, so the topic chosen for this month was “The use of internet is the need of the hour but take care of your time”.

The ceremony was scheduled to take place at 10:30 am at Baitul-Hikmah Auditorium Madinat-ul-Hikmah Hamdard University. Madam Sadia Rashid, President Hamdard Foundation along with the chief guest Mr. Fazil Jamili, President Karachi Press Club, Senior Digital Auditor Jung Geo Media Group, Mr. Khalid Naseem, Administrator Hamdard Public School and dignitaries were present in the hall. Dr. Sana Ghori started the assembly, after introducing the guests, she invited Sadia Bibi to speak, who explained the topic in her unique style and effective way. After that Dr. Sana Ghori invited the speaker of Naunehal Assembly Ruhan Sulaman, to come and take the charge and start the programme she also invited Leader of the House Nabiha Jamal and Leader of Opposition Muhammad Mubeen Mughal on the stage. 

Ruhan fulfilled his responsibility well and invited. Hafiz Rayyan Ghori to recite the Holy Quran. Abdul Manan of Government Boys Secondary School had the privilege of reciting the Naat. Then, the Leader of the House and Leader of Opposition warmed up the gathering with their passionate speeches. After that Syed Muhammad Mudassar, of Hamdard Public School, Sawera Hameed of Brookes Education System, Fatima Hayat of Unique Star Secondary School and Ruqia Nawaz of Hamdard Village School delivered their splendid speeches. The most special part of the programme was the presentation of national songs of K.V.T.C. It is a school of special children. The way Mustafa Jumani and his colleagues presented the medley of national songs surprised the audience. They gave standing ovation to those special children, praised and applauded for them with tears in their eyes. After that a tableau was presented by P.N.G Secondary School. In the end the chief guest Mr. Fazil Jamili expressed his views, photographs were taken, and assembly ended with the recital of Duae Said. Lunch boxes, Naunehal, and Hamdard Sehat magazine were also presented to the participants.



“Nothing is secure in the world of cyber.” Cyber security, cyber bullying, and cyber hygiene are crucial issues in this digital age as kids are more and more reliant on social media and the internet. The best way for students to stay safe is to be well-informed about the precautions they may take. With this notion, Hamdard Public School hosted a lively presentation by distinguished cyber security professionals. The educators raised alertness among the kids about the significance of using technology responsibly by highlighting key aspects of its use. Overall, the session was engaging and instructive.

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