Middle May


Hamdard Public School, Middle Section organized two remarkable events: the Eid Milan Party and the Farewell Party on Friday 26th May. Students decorated their classrooms with vibrant and traditional colourful balloons and ribbons. They had party with various pre decided food items. Achievements and notable contributions of class VIII students were acknowledged through titles given to them by students of class VII. The students of class VIII also gave titles to their teachers to acknowledge the impact, the teachers had on their lives. Both events brought together students, teachers, and staff to celebrate diversity, strengthen bonds, and bid farewell to departing students. The Eid Milan Party and Farewell Party showcased the commitment to fostering inclusivity, celebrating diversity, and providing a supportive environment for students. Through these events, the school successfully promoted cultural understanding, strengthened interpersonal relationships, and bid farewell to graduating students in a memorable way. By organizing such events, the school will continue to create a vibrant and inclusive community, enriching the educational experience for all its students.


The evaluation test was conducted in Middle Section, Hamdard Public School for the students of Class V who were promoted to Class VI on Tuesday, May 30th. The purpose of this evaluation was to assess the students’ academic progress, identify their strengths and areas of improvement, and determine their readiness for the next grade level. The test duration was of 1.5 hours. It consisted of three sections, including English, Math and Urdu. Each section comprised multiple-choice questions, with varying levels of difficulty. It also evaluated the students’ writing skills, such as composing an essay in English as well as in Urdu. The test was conducted to point out the weak areas of the students individually so the teachers could plan strategies to groom the skills and capabilities of the students.


The Annual Result Day of Middle Section, Hamdard Public School was held on May 31st, at Bait al Hikmah Auditorium, Hamdard University to commemorate the academic achievements of the students and acknowledge their hard work throughout the year. The event aimed to celebrate their success and provide a platform to honor exceptional performances in various fields. The event consisted of two halves, first for girls, second for boys. It was hosted by two diligent teachers Ms. Naghmana Hafeez and Mr. Armughan Khan. The event commenced with the recitation of few verses of Holy Quran followed by Naat e Rasool e Maqbool SAWW in each half.

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