Middle November 2023

Participation in Inter-School Sports Gala

Hamdard Public School’s middle section enthusiastically participated in the 8th Inter-School Sports Gala 2023-24 hosted by Habib Girls School on November 1st and 2nd, 2023. Engaging in a series of matches following a league format, HPS girls showcased their sportsmanship in four competitive encounters.
In the first match held on November 1st, Al Murtaza School faced HPS, emerging victorious with scores of 15/13 and 16/14. The second match on November 2nd featured Agha Khan School Garden against HPS, where Agha Khan secured a win with scores of 15/10 and 15/11.
Moving forward, HPS faced Aisha Bawany Academy in the third match, securing a triumphant victory with scores of 15/14 and 15/8. However, in the fourth match against St. Patrick G.H. School, HPS faced a defeat with scores of 15/14 and 16/1. Despite challenges, the sports gala provided a platform for spirited competition and camaraderie among participating schools.

Visit at Mama Parsi School on 105th Anniversary-Theme Evaluation

The students of Middle Section visited Mama Parsi School on the 105th Anniversary, held on 9th to 11th November 2023, accompanied by their teachers. The experience was fantastic, and the exhibition showcased remarkable projects reflecting the hard work of both teachers and students. Each project evaluated different subjects, including working models and written histories with accompanying pictures. Students actively participated, demonstrating and providing information.The exhibition stood out for its comprehensive coverage of various subjects, presenting detailed description of important topics. The Home Economics area was particularly fascinating, featuring a beautiful display and evaluation. The exhibition also impressed with its thoughtful giveaways, including free tastings of handmade food and tea. One teacher and two students graciously facilitated the visit, ensuring the visitors shouldn’t miss anything. The students thoroughly enjoyed the trip, and the day was filled with fun and memorable moments.

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