Secondary November 2023


It was a great honour for the students of the Senior Section Biology Group to showcase their science projects at the 14th PAEM National Symposium, which took place on November 2, 2023, at the Bait al Hikmah Auditorium, Hamdard University. The exhibition was organized on the gracious invitation of Dr. Ahsana Dar, the esteemed Dean of the Faculty of Eastern Medicine at Hamdard University at Auditorium of University.
The students were profoundly motivated and enthusiastic by the generous appreciation extended by Madam Sadia Rashid, the Chairperson of Hamdard Foundation, for their diligent efforts. This moment was a source of immense pride for both the students and the faculty members of the Senior Section.
Under the careful supervision of Ms. Farhana and Ms. Soha, and with the invaluable guidance of Senior Headmistress Madam Maria Akbar, the students successfully set up and presented their projects in an organized manner. The symposium provided a platform for the students to showcase their achievements and receive recognition for their hard work.


Students’ educational experiences, social, emotional, and communication skills are accommodating tools to enhance their personality. Being active in extracurricular allows students to gain experience and apply what they have learned. Outside the classroom, students can learn leadership, cooperation, and social skills. House council division and election is the part of it for our young leaders.

Hamdard public school secondary section has divided its students into 4 houses namely Blue (al Beruni), Red (Al- Razi), Pink (Al- Ghazali) orange and Green (Al-Farabi). Each student is allotted a specific house and care is taken that each house has almost equal number of students, both boys and girls. Each house is placed under the supervision of three teachers and one house captain and one vice-captain to judge the performance of each child in the co-scholastic area.
House Council Elections were held at Hamdard Public School senior section ground on 3rd November 2023.The students from all the houses filed their nomination for the position of captain and vice-captain. The students first began campaigning for their respective posts. The contenders for the various desirable positions read out their manifestos and made attractive posters cards and bands to convince the students that they are the right choice for the position.
The final stage of the process was the casting of votes by the students. More than 150 students casted their vote. These elections provided an opportunity to the students to witness and exercise their fundamental right to vote. The entire polling process was in all respects a democratic and anonymous process. Students exercised their right to franchise by choosing the candidates of their choice through balloting.
After the toiling of one week of campaigning and casting of votes, the much-awaited results of Hamdard public School secondary section’s house council were announced as follows:- Huose captain boys Al- Beruni Ahsan khan X-B, Vice-captain Umar Israr. Al- Farabi captain M. Hizaifa, Vice-captain Mohib Ali. Al.Gazali captain Abdul Moid X-A, vice-captain Saad Ahmed Al-Razi captain Mustafa Iqbal X-B, vice-captain Muneeb Ahmed IX-C. In Girls Al- Beruni captain Alina Imran X-E, Vice-captain Fabiha Afridi. Al-Farabi captain Duria X-E, Vice-captain Laiba Sarfaraz. Al-Gazali captain Nighat, vice-captain Nimra Arif.. Al-Razi captain Samoona Kamar X-D vice-captain Humera Binte Arif. Finally sixteen students were elected. All the elected students were conferred designation sashes from the senior Headmistress Madam Maria Akbar in the Investiture ceremony on 15th November 2023.


Students from the ninth & tenth grades has demonstrated Unity & Solidarity with suffering Muslim population in Gaza, multiple times using different means of expressions.
They adorned bulletin boards with devastated images of Israel atrocities, highlighted the ways to contribute in helping suffering PalestinianI people, produced documentary with insight of its history, origin , conflict, struggles and impact.
Grade Ninth student delivered a very heart touching speech on this highly sensitive issue. It showed the awareness of Hamdardian youth related to the international burning issues.
The senior Headmistress Madam Maria Akbar provided them multiple opportunities to display their core feelings confidently which helped them to mould themselves a well aware & responsible citizen in future.


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