Middle October

House Elections

On Friday, October 27th, our school held elections for the positions of House Captain and Vice-Captain in each of the four houses: Al Beruni, Al Ghazali, Al Razi, and Al Farabi. The day began with enthusiastic campaigning, where contestants crafted persuasive slogans, selected unique logos, and created eye-catching charts to represent their campaigns. With unwavering determination, they engaged with fellow students, presenting their visions and ideas to secure votes. This democratic process showcased the active participation and commitment of our student body in choosing their leaders. It was a vibrant display of democracy in action, fostering leadership and civic engagement among our students.

Science Exhibition

Science exhibition in the Middle Section of Hamdard Public School was a remarkable event on Monday 30th October. Students demonstrated their passion for science by creating impressive projects and models in the fields of physics, chemistry, and biology. With great enthusiasm, they not only showcased their work but also delivered captivating presentations to administrator, guests, and visitors. The event served as a platform for young minds to share their knowledge and foster a love for scien

English Debate Competition

On Monday 30th October, Middle Section hosted an English debate competition, which observed enthusiastic participation from 6th to 8th-grade students, both boys and girls. The event was a resounding success, with students showcasing their exceptional skills in confidence, content, style, learning, and vocabulary. Judges Ms. Humaira and Ms. Wajeeha Azam evaluated the performances of the 6th and 7th graders, while Ms. Avesha and Sir Armughan assessed the 8th graders. The competition was tough, but in the end, several deserving participants emerged as winners, exemplifying their dedication and proficiency in the art of debate. It was a day filled with intellectual prowess and commendable achievements.

Teachers’ Day

Middle Section celebrated Teachers’ Day on 5th October. Our students stepped into the shoes of teachers, taking on the role of educators for the day. It was a wonderful opportunity for them to showcase their leadership skills, creativity, and knowledge. The day began with the morning assembly with an English speech and a special Urdu song paying tribute to teachers and the gesture of appreciation through letters, flowers, and chocolates added a personal touch, making the day truly special for all the staff. It was a beautiful way for students to display their creativity, and gratitude towards their educators.

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