Secondary November


“The more you know about the past the better prepared you are for the future.” The strong nations have strong history of national heroes. Hamdard Public School has celebrated “Iqbal Day” on 9th November, 2022 in order to promote moral values and his role in achieving this motherland. Tributes were paid to signify the importance and acknowledged contribution of “The poet of the East, Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal” in the form of “kalam-e-Iqbal”, speeches and thrilling song by the students, depicting vision of Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal that inspired the idea of the Pakistan Movement among the Muslims of the subcontinent.


Physical Education and Sports are integral parts of the total education system. It helps in the attainment of the ultimate aim of education i.e. the achievement of holistic development. Its significance in school cannot really be overstated since it is the time to foreground extra-curricular activities and to demonstrate that school is about more than just academic achievement. Hamdard Public School has started the preparation of sports week from 30th November, 2022. The participating players are encouraged and enthusiastically showing sportsmanship spirit. The atmosphere of the school is one of festivity and jubilance.

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