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  • 31st International Children’s Health Conference
  • Bilingual Declamation Contest Classes (III – V)
  • Tasbeeh Recital Session (Prep Junior – V)
  • Annual Result & Prize

31ST International Children's Health Conference

The 31st international children’s health conference was organized by Hamdard Public School (HPS) in collaboration with the Hamdard Foundation Pakistan (HFP) to mark World Health Day on 6th April 2023. The participants spoke on the theme “Health for All” and emphasized that access to safe drinking water, adequate food, shelter, and healthcare facilities is a fundamental right for all individuals. The event also featured recitation from the Holy Qur’an by Shehdullah Khan from Hamdard Village School, and the moderator of the event was Aayzah Naveed from Hamdard Public School. Madam Sadia Rashid, President of Hamdard Foundation Pakistan, spoke at the Hamdard International Children’s Health Conference. She led a moment of silent prayer for earthquake victims. She stressed the necessity of trained personnel, proper administration, and sufficient public funding while acknowledging the challenge of preventing corruption. Madam Sadia Rashid also highlighted the history of the Hamdard International Children’s’ Health Conference, which was established by the founder of Hamdard Pakistan. Hakim Mohammed Said. She shared that the conference has become a tradition and an annual affair that they have kept alive. She expressed her delight that this year’s conference coincides with the special anniversaries of WHO and the nation of Pakistan.

In a recorded message, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO), commended Ms. Sadia Rashid and Hamdard Pakistan for their outstanding efforts in spearheading various active initiatives and social awareness campaigns aimed at promoting general health and well-being throughout the country. The Director General expressed his appreciation for the significant contributions made by Madam Sadia Rashid and Hamdard Pakistan towards advancing public health and enhancing the quality of life for individuals and communities across the nation. The conference was attended by several local and foreign child delegates, including Zara Shamim From the United States, Khadija Nausherwani from the United Arab Emirates, Fatima Farhan from Canada, Hafiz Shoaib Ahmad and Bilal Alimi from Afghanistan, including Sehrish Ashar and Hassan Bin Arsalan from Hamdard Public School Karachi, Esha Ahmed Ali from Hamdard Village School Karachi, Asna Hassan from Aga Khan Higher Secondary School Karachi, Amna Alam from St Joseph’s Convent School Karachi, Fatima Siddiqui from Brookes Education System Karachi, Wardah Ghori from Karachi Public School Karachi, Muhammad Ali Abdullah from Hamdard Public School Rawalpindi/Islamabad, Aina Mania Khan from Hamdard Public School Lahore, Ali Hasan from Government Central Model School Lahore, Saba Noor from Warsak Model School & College Peshawar, Mahnoor Sardar and Rani Sardar from SOS Children’s Village School Quetta.

During closing remarks, Dr. Khalid Naseem Administrator of Hamdard Public and Village School expressed heartfelt appreciation to several distinguished guests. including Madam Sadia Rashid, President Hamdard Foundation Pakistan, Dr. Sara Salman Zuberi, Head of the World Health Organization (WHO) Sub-Office in Sindh, Mr. Farrukh lmdad, Director General of Hamdard Foundation Pakistan, Mrs. Fatema Zahra Munir Ahmed, Managing Director & CEO of Hamdard Laboratories (Wage Pakistan, Dr. Maham Munir Ahmed, Vice President of Hamdard Foundation Pakistan, as well as Dr. Jamshed Ahmad, Head of the WHO Office in Punjab, and representatives from HFP, Syed Muhammad Arsalan Director HR & Admin and Dr. Sana Ghori HOD Programme Events and Publications department. HFP. Dr. Naseem also expressed his gratitude to all the participants and teachers from Hamdard Public and Village School. The event culminated with Dua-e-Said

Bilingual Declamation Contest (III-V)

As per order of the Directorate of Education, all schools must conduct a bilingual declamation contest on the topic “My Constitution – guarantee to my freedom”, and send the names of three best speakers from their school to the Directorate. These best speakers will attend the Grand Finale which shall be conducted at the Parliament House, Islamabad. Speakers from schools all over the country shall participate in this contest. For the selection of these best speakers, all English and Urdu teachers prepared one student on the given topic. An internal contest was conducted in which fourteen students participated- seven spoke in English and the remaining seven in Urdu. One student each -English and Urdu, was selected to represent our school at Islamabad. In English, Aizah Arsalan of IV-A and in Urdu, Syed Muhammad Mudassir of Ill-B were chosen as best speakers. As motivational incentive, all fourteen participants were given a small gift in the Morning Assembly. We wish all the best to our selected speakers and pray for their success in the final competition


“Nothing is secure in the world of cyber.” Cyber security, cyber bullying, and cyber hygiene are crucial issues in this digital age as kids are more and more reliant on social media and the internet. The best way for students to stay safe is to be well-informed about the precautions they may take. With this notion, Hamdard Public School hosted a lively presentation by distinguished cyber security professionals. The educators raised alertness among the kids about the significance of using technology responsibly by highlighting key aspects of its use. Overall, the session was engaging and instructive.

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