Junior April

Tasbeeh Recital Sessions
(Prep junior To Class-V)

To inculcate the importance of Lailatul Qadar, Tasbeeh Recital Sessions were conducted by every class area in AN Room. The Sessions started with recital of Quran, Durood Shareef and a Naar by the students of the particular Area who were attending the session. Later, teachers spoke to the students about the importance of Lailatul Qadar and prayers that should be recited through the night. Students recited Tasbihaat along with their teachers. Each session concluded with Dua Recital by teachers. The students learnt a lot in these sessions

Annual Result & Prize Distribution Day

As per order of the Directorate of Education, all schools must conduct a bilingual declamation contest on the topic “My Constitution – guarantee to my freedom”, and send the names of three best speakers from their school to the Directorate. These best speakers will attend the Grand Finale which shall be conducted at the Parliament House, Islamabad. Speakers from schools all over the country shall participate in this contest. For the selection of these best speakers, all English and Urdu teachers prepared one student on the given topic. An internal contest was conducted in which fourteen students participated- seven spoke in English and the remaining seven in Urdu. One student each -English and Urdu, was selected to represent our school at Islamabad. In English, Aizah Arsalan of IV-A and in Urdu, Syed Muhammad Mudassir of Ill-B were chosen as best speakers. As motivational incentive, all fourteen participants were given a small gift in the Morning Assembly. We wish all the best to our selected speakers and pray for their success in the final competition

On the second day, the first half of athletic events of class IV and V. Students of Class III performed a colourful and rthymic Drill Display. Later in the second half, athletic events of Class I, II and III were conducted. To motivate the students, teachers’ races were also conducted.

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