Junior January

Quiz Competition 2023

To inculcate love for learning and competing each other in a healthy manner, a Quiz Competition was organized in the Junior Section for all class levels I to V. For the selection of four students from each class level, from the four houses, a preliminary round was conducted by the class teachers, a questionnaire based on second term topics of English, Math, Science/ Social Studies/ General Knowledge computer and Urdu had already been shared with the students as Winter Vacations learning homework. The four selected team members of each house were given subject topics to prepare for the Final Round. On 16th and 17th January 2023, Final Rounds of the Quiz Competition 2023 were conducted in the A/V Room by the respective Area Coordinators of each level- I to V.

The four house teams fought an exciting battle of wits by playing two invigorating questioning rounds. An exciting ‘Tie Breaker Round’ had to be conducted in that class level where winning positions were not clear after the Questioning Rounds.

At the end, the winning house teams received prizes and certificates were given to all four team participants. This competition helped in motivation of students, boosting their confidence and enhancing their learning capabilities and skills and also enthused a spirit of competing with each other in a positive and healthy manner.

English & Urdu Handwriting Competition

Handwriting is a part of our identity and an essential tool for communication. Neat and legible handwriting suggests a creative mind and determination of excellence. Every year, Handwriting Competition of English & Urdu is conducted to induce the importance of good handwriting amongst students. This year, the competition was held on Friday, 27th January, 2023. The students were selected on the basis of the work done in their exercise books.  Three students for English Handwriting Competition and three students for Urdu Handwriting Competition were selected from each section. Certificates and colour pencils were awarded to 1st, 2nd& 3rd Position holders.

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